U tijeku ovog tjedna obilježava se Svjetski dan oceana i donosimo vam sadržaje u koje možete uključiti svoju dječicu i učenike. O čemu se radi?

Na linku možete pogledati događaje u učionici Svjetskog tjedna oceana Kluba istraživača!
Okupila se uzbudljiva posada istraživača oceana, istraživača i zaštitnika prirode kako bi poveli djecu i učenike do krajnjih morskih granica
i istraživačkih izazova.
Mi smo se pridružili ekipi kako bi učili od onih koji su na prvoj crti istraživanja, dokumentiranja, razumijevanja i zaštite našeg oceana.
Živimo na plavom planetu, dođite ga i vi istražiti zajedno s nama!

Što smo sve radili i što ćemo još raditi:
– natjecanje u crtanju hobotnice u partnerstvu s Octonationom
– Richard Garriott de Cayeux | Putujemo do dna oceana
– Peter Girguis | Istražujemo morska stvorenja
– Live From EV Nautilus | Mapiramo 
– 5 Deeps | Pridružujemo se ekspediciji
– Callie Veelenturf | Čuvamo morske kornjače
– Pablo Borboroglu | Upoznajemo društvo zabavnih pingvina
– Chelsea Bennice | Istražujemo što se događa u vrtu jedne hobotnice
– Fabien Cousteau | A New Era of Ocean Exploration
– Pier Nirandara / podvodna fotografija
– Ripleys Aquarium of Canada | Ronimo po opasnim lagunama
– Dr. Pamela Fletcher – promatramo morske kornjačice na njihovom putu


Još se stignete prijaviti za:

Benjamin Jones | Seagrass

June 9th @ 9:00am eastern

Join Ben as he takes us into the incredible world of seagrass! He cofounded the marine conservation charity Project Seagrass after realizing that seagrasses were frequently ignored in the world of marine conservation. This global organization aims to conserve seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research, and action. Ben focuses on working to enhance understanding of the importance of seagrass using creative design to communicate scientific research to the wider public. Previously he focused on examining factors that affect seagrass growth and using of Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) systems to assess fish in the Indian Ocean, was a scientific advisor in the development of BBC’s landmark series Blue Planet II and since 2015, he has primarily focused on how seagrass meadows provide food security and poverty alleviation, mainly across the tropics.



Cheryl Doughty | Mangroves

June 9th @ 10:00am eastern

Join Cheryl as she takes us into the incredible world of mangroves! She’s a postdoctoral researcher studying how blue carbon ecosystems like mangroves and salt marshes are responding to climate change. Cheryl combines information about plants on the ground with imagery collected from drones, planes, and satellites (remote sensing) as she seeks answers to how and why mangrove ecosystems are changing across scales, from individual plants to landscapes across the world. She is currently a NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow at the Goddard Space Flight Center working with Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo and mapping where tropical mangroves meet temperate salt marshes in order to uncover changes in mangrove habitat, structure, and carbon storage in coastal ecosystems.



Josie Iselin | Kelp

June 9th @ 11:00am eastern

Join Josie as she takes us on an adventure as an artist exploring the world of the seaweeds and kelps. She walks the beach a lot, brings seaweed and kelp specimens back into her studio and has learned how important these beautiful plants of the ocean are, and how much they can teach us about their ocean world.

Josie is the author of numerous books combining the art and science of our oceans. Her newest book, The Curious World of Seaweed, was released August, 2019. She holds a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard and an MFA from San Francisco State University. Her writing and art focused on seaweed, kelp, and sea otter put her on the forefront of ocean activism, collaborating with scientists and groups working to preserve the kelp forests of our Pacific Coast. Through art, design and research, she celebrates the marine flora and brings thoughtfulness and stewardship to this realm of our oceans. You can often find her on various coasts at low tide exploring tide pools and investigating the intertidal realm. 



Brian Skerry | Secrets of the Whales

June 9th @ 1:00pm eastern

Dive into Brian’s riveting journey as he set out to discover the hidden culture of whales around the world, an adventure that was turned into a Disney+ movie and book.

Brian is a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Since 1998 he has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine. In 2014 he was named as a National Geographic Society Fellow and in 2017 he was named the Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year. For National Geographic Magazine, Brian has covered a wide range of stories, from the harp seal’s struggle to survive in frozen waters to the alarming decrease in the world’s fisheries to dolphin intelligence, all cover stories. A fourth cover story, in February 2017 focused on protecting special underwater ecosystems. During this coverage Brian produced the first images of a US President underwater.

Brian is the author of 11 books including the acclaimed monographs Ocean Soul and SHARK. His work in highlighting environmental, ocean issues has been effective in helping the public understand that their choices matter and have also helped elected leaders make policy decisions including gaining protections for endangered species and creating marine protected areas.



Andrej A. Gajić | Sharks of the Mediterranean 

June 10th @ 10:00am eastern

Andrej is a scientist, biology professor, research diver, published author, awarded photographer, entrepreneur, traveler and parachutist. As a research scientist, he is conducting original studies covering aspects of zoology, ecology and pathology of sharks, skates and rays, in order to develop long-term conservation strategies across the Mediterranean, and beyond. He’s the co-founder and CEO of the Sharklab ADRIA Center for marine and freshwater biology (Malta, EU), and Head scientist of the Shark Tales at National Geographic in Washington, D.C. He enjoys spending time with animals, helping them and trying to understand them. He has worked closely with over 30 species of sharks, skates and rays; as well as other charismatic animals such as comb jellies, horseshoe crabs, snakes, owls, hedgehogs, racoons, lions and way more.



Andrea Marshall | Protecting Manta Rays

June 10th @ 11:00am eastern

Andrea was the first to complete a PhD on manta rays. She stayed on in Mozambique to spearhead the conservation efforts of these animals along this remote coastline. During this time she co-founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving our ocean giants from extinction. As a conservation biologist and principal researcher at MMF, her team focuses predominately on questions related to the effective management and conservation of threatened marine animals. Andrea campaigns globally for the protection of marine giants from whale sharks to manta rays, using her scientific background to formulate plans for their management. Aside from dramatically increasing the level of knowledge on manta rays themselves, Andrea’s discovery of a new giant species of manta ray in 2009 was one of the largest new species to have been described in the last few decades.



Meet Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Leaders

June 1st @ 2:00 pm easternPeace Boat is a Japan-based international NGO which promotes peace, human rights, and sustainability. Established in 1983, it holds Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN).

Peace Boat carries out its main activities through a passenger ship that travels the world. Working in partnership with UN SDG Action Campaign, Peace Boat’s activities onboard and in port empower participants, strengthen local capacity for sustainability, and build people-to-people cooperation beyond borders. The voyages, run on a social business model, blend sustainable tourism, lifelong learning and friendship activities with educational programmes, cooperative projects, and advocacy.We’ll meet the Emilie McGlone, Director of Peace Boat US and learn about the UN World Ocean Week and Peace Boat programs. Joining her will be several youth leaders including:

  • Khadija Stewart, from Trinidad and Tobago, coordinator of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Caribbean network / Founder of Ecovybz Podcast

  • Silvia Cantu, from Mexico, Peace Boat Youth for the SDGs scholar, scuba diver, underwater photographer, COP 26 youth negotiator

  • Sara Van Eerde, from New York,  Youth for the SDGs scholar, ocean advocate, spoken word poetry for the oceans